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Michael Franklin по имени пользователя: Sensitiveguy Member ID: 006481
Афро-американский / Черный, 67, Развелись Wasco, , United States

Личные данные
Ваш пол: Male
возраст: 67 (24-Nov-1950)
Внешность: Афро-американский / Черный
Семейное положение: Развелись
Дети: 0
Религия: Духовный
Алкоголь: Нет
Курение: Иногда
Моя любимая национальная кухня: Italian
Профессия: Пенсионер
Образование: AA (2 года колледжа)

Интересы и Знак зодиака:

Йога / Медитация
Водные виды спорта
Волейбол / Баскетбол
Петь / Играть на инструменте
Музыка - Pop / R & B
Музыка - Латина
Музыка - Классический / Опера
Музыка - Блюз / Джаз
Музеи / Галереи
Фильмы / Кино
Боевые искусства
Литература / История
Путешествовать пешком / Кемпинг
Футбол / Регби
Компьютеры / Интернет
Автомобили / Мотоциклы
Бокс / Борьба
Бильярд / Пул / Дротики
Бейсбол / Софтбол
Астрология New Age
Цвет глаз: Карие
Цвет волос: Коричневый
Вес: 100 kg = 220 lbs
Рост: 186 cm = 6' 1.2"

Sensitiveguy является offline
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общая информация
I am worried about you Ladys that live in Ukraine with all
the riots and they are speading across your country. PLEASE
be very Careful and follow your gut instincts....Please.
Michael. Hi My name is Michael..I grew up in Washington,
DC and live in Southern California. I Love music and dancing
and right now, I'm listening to the "Doobie Brothers" and
dancing around. I'm a very easy going guy and like to have
fun, laugh, joke and friendly. My email address has changed
to: I Love to cook, play sports,
create, build and fix things. I enjoy helping people and
them common sense advice. I'm Very Intellegent, sensitive,
gentle, Honest, caring, supportive, understanding and Very
Romantic. I LOVE doing big and small things for my Lady such
as bringing her Roses, Chocolates, surprise her Romantic get
aways, giving her scented hot oil full body massages, huggs,
Passionate kisses, cuddling, emotionally available for her
and that's just a few. Note: If you want to find out my
emotional state, look up on YouTube..Pharrell Williams
"Happy" and you will know. Thanks, Michael
Внешний вид

I'm seeking a Lady that is Committed and Loyal to her man
and knows what she wants in live. She Really Wants to be
Loved and be Sincerly Made Love too from a guy who is READY
for a life time of Committement of Love and Devotion. Let's
us Grow together thru Love and communication and NEVER be
afraid to tell me how you feel and what's on your mind. The
Most Important thing: ALWAYS BE YOURSELF. I will NEVER
attempt to change you. I wonder why is know one is talking
about what is going on in your country. What is your
opinion? Michaelrnrn
NOTE:rnrnEvery time I responded to an email, it is invalid
or no such email address. I have Verified the email address
and it still is valid. I was once in a relationship were we
wear madly in love, the passion was Amazing and so was the
emotional connection. I gave my All to it, Heart and Soul.
After a year, she broke up with me because as she said, "I
am getting to emotionally close it you". I was CRUSHED, so
bad that I did not date and turned down offers for ONE year.
My mom...she is gone now, she looked in my eyes and knew
without saying a word..I just cried. I was seriously Hurt. I
Want that kind of Love WITHOUT the pain, the commitment and
Marriage. Is that so hard If you Really feel It? Michael
Пол: Female
Возраст от: 25
Возраст до: 60
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